Free Healthcare Services (Refugees)

There are basically 3 free healthcare service providers for refugee needs in KL where refugees may visit. These are amongst the more sustainable and frequently visit avenues when seeking healthcare access for refugees in KL.

As many refugee tend to avoid visiting the hospital during an emergency simply because they have no money , can't communicate and fear detection, these NGO initiative are the next best option to seek help.

1. ACTS (Bricksfield)

    Basically stands for ' A Call To Serve ' a Christian NGO provides basic outpatient treatment via their clinic in bricksfield as well as frontline services to communities that do not have access to basic healthcare including pregnancy issues . Their other programes includes mobile clinics across Malaysia , awareness activities and trip to the immigration detention centres. ACTS also has a recovery homes for refugees who have no one to support them following a prolong illness, major injury at work of which they have no insurance since they are not covered.

    Contact information: 

    Rosemary Wong

    03-7960 1297

    03-7955 2708 or 03-7955 0460


    2. HEI (Health Equity Services)

    Is basically an NGO concern with refugee access to healthcare and mental care in Malaysia.

    They provide a range of services especially focusing in psychiatric and psychological treatment to refugees.

    HEI which is located also in Bricksfield may just be the place to go.

    They also trained their healthcare workers well for early mental health detection and intervention. 

    As many refugee comes from traumatic background and experiences including depression, lost of love ones and PTSD. 

    HEI maybe an avenue we suggest worth visiting.

    3. Tzu Chi Clinic (Pudu)

    Based in Pudu, they are a Taiwanese Buddhist NGO offering healthcare service, western medicine to psychosocial services. They have an impressive two floor building that provides supports to the needs of refugee communities. 

    They also work along with UNHCR in providing mobil clinics across communities that do not have access to basic healthcare.

    Buddhist Tzu Chi Free Clinic (KL) Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; +60 3-2142 1567 

    Every month third Sunday, 8am-11am

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