Providing vocational skills to Lady Ayaz Pakistan centre under UNHCR Safe from Start program

Sze Women of Hope trainer and volunteers hold weekly sewing classes at Lady Ayaz center. This vocational training, under UNHCR Safe from Start program, has benefitted nine refugee women immensely through skill training, pattern making, design, and advanced sewing lessons.

This range of training courses provides the women a chance to build skills and boost employability.

Sze Women of Hope plays a vital role in improving the technical skills of refugee women, enabling them to receive sewing jobs or start their own business. We have provided marketing linkage in addition to vocational training and assist in connecting businesses to the Lady Ayaz center.

As of January this year, Sze Women of Hope designers have been providing sewing employment to two women at the center and will see the rise of employing more women once one sewing training is complete.


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